Maninder Chawla | Life Coach & Acting Coach

Life Coaching

Who am I? Yes, you read my about page and you may think I am just what you read—an actor, and all the other roles in my career, but I am more than that. See, I had an awakening in 2010 and this was the start of my path to understanding myself. I had my ups and downs. I questioned everything, I was curious about my purpose in life. How I could turn my painful experiences and losses into my best teachers. Hence, my process into growing to be the best version of myself began.

I believe in serving others and helping them manifest their dreams. Support and love make the world a better place. I welcome helping you be the best you!


Nikki is not only a great listener but she has helped me to identify specific triggers in my life and given me tools to combat those triggers


Nikki Chawla is a very peaceful person to speak with. She generates calm and order and I found it very easy to confide in her secrets which I sometimes do not even admit to myself. This is a unique quality. In response she guides rather than intrudes and I thank her for the immense amount of comfort she brought to me. Thank you Nikki


Nikki really listens to her clients and encourages them to think of what drives them and to visualize how to reach their goals


Nikki is friendly and a good listener, I was able to talk to her about my situation with ease


Nikki Chawla in coaching abilities contributes a lot to her clients improvement in handling their personal situations and growth in many positive ways. She listens, comprehends and focuses on the positive things and instrumental for one’s personal

development. She finds ways for me personally to find ways to relieve my stress and work pressure in a calm and uplifting way. She also focuses on ideas where one works on their health with physical fitness during this Pandemic period. Most importantly is when she talks to you, it is very cheerful and uplifting. As a result, you feel positive in achieving your goals and look forward to future opportunities