Maninder Chawla | Life Coach & Acting Coach

“Nikki dynamically impacts the endeavour of teaching and developing the skills of young actors. During lessons, she puts forth an exemplary effort into fostering empathy and compassion with her students while also placing physical-spiritual emphasis through exercise and meditation. She drives them to go beyond their emotional barriers and intertwine the subtexts of dramatic scenarios with their own internalizations. Nikki’s headstrong approach as an instructor parallels the whole-hearted elegance, strength, and conviction she exudes in her performances.”

– Lee Maturin Melamed

Acting Coaching

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Art feeds soul!

I learned the aesthetics of this beautiful thing we call art from my main teachers, Gene Lasko and Elizabeth Kemp. They helped me understand this craft to the point that it became my life!

Acting is not acting  – Gene Lasko

Do what you are given – Elizabeth Kemp

Be truthful – Susan Batson

Acting coach for students at UCLA, UC Berkeley, St. Peter’s University, and has taught internationally.

Acting technique, Monologue, Scene study, Audition technique, Improvisation, Commercial Acting, Voice, Standup Comedy, Accent Reduction


It was an amazing experience!


I enjoyed the improv games, I learned something new


It was cool! Nikki’s way of teaching was different and refreshing


I enjoyed relaxation exercises, which I never did before. I loved it!


A great opportunity


An Inspirational approach, unlike any coaching I’ve ever had